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One Company One Source One Solution

the power of one


One Company One Source One Solution


One Company One Source One Solution
The Power of One

ADG Design Studio

Division of Atlanta Design Group

ADG Design Studio is a dynamic team with the vision to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of architectural interior design and space planning challenges. With over 50 years of combined experience focusing on commercial and residential environments, we have made it a goal to build and restore spaces in collaboration with the client that stimulates the user and compliments the vision.

The ADG Studio Advantage

What sets ADG Design Studio apart from its competition is its affiliation with Atlanta Design Group’s (ADG) brands and services. ADG is a full-service interior-design and design-build support company made up of multiple specialized brands offering numerous products and services supporting the interior design and design/build trades.  When you work with our ADG Design Studio Team your project will receive the support from the Atlanta Design Group specialist and designers that specializes in:

Commercial Interiors          Outdoor Living          Kitchen & Bath

FFE & Procurement          Installation & Logistics          Renovations

Lighting Design & Controls          Art Consulting & Framing          Marketing & Branding

Experience the “Power of One”

ADG Design Studio is uniquely positioned to provide its Clients with a turnkey development process from start to finish. From Conceptual and Schematic Design to Design Development to Construction Documents to Specifications and Material Selections to Branding and Marketing to FF&E and Procurement to Installation to establishing Web and Social Marketing support platforms, we assist our Clients with all aspects of their properties. ADG provides developers and investors with a true “turnkey” approach to the design/build process. ADG’s “Power of One” saves our Clients money by eliminating multiple trades and truly positions ADG to make sure that the overall process precisely aligns with the ROI goals of Client.

ADG delivers outstanding quality, design innovation products and solutions, and more importantly, provides highly personalized solutions to ensure our customers are successful.

Experience the “Power of One”


The nature of the Interior Design industry is changing, and Atlanta Design Group is a leader in transforming the way the development professionals operate their business. The design process is our expertise and our business model empower our clients to maximize productivity, reduce costs and focus on what they do best.


Multi-Family design begins with a deep understanding of community living. We are experts at working alongside a development team through the customary stages of construction, then delivering an interior project scope on time and within budget. Our goal is to create synergy between interiors and architecture that inspires and excites. Our team looks to balance artistry, style and functionality in visualizing how a space will be used from finishes to furnishings. Our Multi-family team works with real estate developers, owners and investors on properties and model homes in both new construction and renovation.


Whether it is breathing new life into an iconic space or creating a new brand identity, ADG Design Studio designs solutions for Hotels bringing long-term value to our clients while welcoming guests with unique and exceptional experiences. We incorporate creative space planning ideas with cutting-edge design to create a lasting impression.

Mixed Use

Multifamily properties are including mixed-use aspects such as retail and commercial space to serve residents looking for a live-work-play lifestyle. With a Mixed-Use property, you are not just buying a home, store or commercial space, you are buying into an entire neighborhood vibe and community experience. Mixed-use design means serving multiple needs for your residents and ADG’s design team understands this complexity and provides every aspect of the design phase to create spaces that work for all diversified users of mixed-use projects.


Commercial design begins during the planning process, as the ADG Design team works with an architect to establish elements that will determine the appearance of the finished space. Our designers then work with the completed space to add furniture and decor to meet the original design goals. ADG Design Studio communicates the needs and visions of various businesses, and have the innate ability to conceptualize large spaces that everyone from clients to guests to customers will love.

Senior Living

Active adults desire an atmosphere that supports a healthy lifestyle as well as living spaces that provide comfort, luxury, and a hospitable environment. Our experienced design team engages unique residential design to accommodate active adults’ lifestyles while featuring the latest trends and amenities using specific comprehensive demographics.

Student Housing

Student housing design standards are growing more complex and demanding every year. Today’s students want housing that is not only comfortable to live in, but that also offers many more amenities. We understand that every student has a different background and requires different levels of support when they leave home. Therefore our residence halls are community-centered and include every amenity a student could possibly need or want in the space.


ADG provides a full spectrum of renovation services for multifamily and commercial properties, precisely aligned with the ROI goals of our clients. Renovations not only improve the appeal and marketability of properties but also add long-term value. Interior and exterior renovations help make any property more functional and energy-efficient and enable owners to customize their assets according to the latest market demands.


When you work with our ADG Design Studio Team your project will receive the support from the Atlanta Design Group specialist and designers to support the overall development of each project at no additional costs.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Our marketing group will give you the upper hand in branding and marketing. Our specialized and tailored services include branding, web development, email/social media marketing, print design, presentations, and renderings.

What sets us apart from other marketing agencies is that we specialize in targeting the design/build industry specializing in multifamily, hotels and commercial accounts. In our vast experience as a partner support company, we have spent years living and learning this market while perfecting our approach for targeting and identifying the customers you want to reach. Our team is at the forefront of new technology and is constantly adapting to integrate cutting-edge products and platforms that allow us to leverage your business.

Partner with us, and you will receive tailored branding and business marketing services that reflect and represent you creatively, effectively and dynamically.

Landscape Design

When it comes to communities, landscape design delivers the first impression within mere seconds. It welcomes. It invites. It says, “Hello, this is a place you should call home.” ADG Design Studio produces innovative designs that interweave functional and aesthetic issues of the project with the economic, architectural and physical site conditions to create unique environments. Our goal is to blend the exterior landscape with interiors welcoming residents with a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor.

architectural interior design and space planning commercial landscape

Lighting & Controls

Lighting Design is both inherently functional and innately aesthetic. ADG’s Lighting Designers understand the role of lighting in architecture and interior design and rely on their extensive knowledge of lighting equipment and systems to ensure high-quality design in the built environment. Our LED lighting solutions specify cost-effective and energy-efficient LED products while creating an innovative lighting scheme that achieves the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Our comprehensive LED portfolio covers all your lighting needs for residential, multi-family, offices and hospitality including indoor and outdoor projects.

Art Consulting & Signage

Artwork was the original product that began Atlanta Design Group (ADG), originating more than 40 years ago. ADG started manufacturing artwork in 1976 under the brand name International Arts. ADG art consulting provides high quality art and custom framing to elevate the space, coordinating design, colors and furniture. Whether you are a client, designer, or architect, the ADG experience will leave you with art you love and a look that completes your business or workspace. As an art consulting and resource service, we manage seamless delivery and install

Kitchen & Bath Design

Our certified Kitchen & Bath Designers provide you with current interior design trends and materials for selecting and sourcing countertops, flooring, tile, cabinets, plumbing, shower doors and closet systems.

FF&E and Procurement

FF&E involves procuring furniture, fixtures and equipment while obtaining the best value and preserving design intent. It is an essential part of branding a project that includes negotiating with manufacturers and freight companies, confirming materials and coordinating schedules and timelines all to meet installation deadlines. ADG approaches projects with a long-term perspective anticipates issues to ensure your project finishes on time. As a start-to-finish FF&E firm, we help you minimize costs, avoid delays and reduce administrative headaches.

Installation & Logistics

At TriMarc Installation, we understand the importance of the installation process. For the Interior Designer, this is the final, yet most important stage of the design process. This is when all the hard work and planning comes together. Our professional installers understand this importance and work with Designers to make this process as smooth as possible.

Successful installations depend solely on how product is processed from the time of receipt until product is loaded on the trucks. Our Receiving personnel routinely inspects and labels each of the products received with the model name and room designation so the on-site installation crews can set-up each room per the finished floor plans without constant direction from the Designer. TriMarc loads the products into our trucks so our on-site installation crews can unload the products in sequence. TriMarc Project Managers keep you updated through our on-line receiving reports as product is received in our warehouse. We coordinate all damages to ensure that all product meets the installation deadlines. We keep you updated using excel spreadsheets which identify all products by model and room which can be viewed 24/7 using our live online portal, ADG Portal.



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